Just a few days ago, I sat down with one of the ladies in my Becoming the One group to chat about her new relationship. Karina started coming to the group last year. In her late thirties, she had long ago lost hope about getting married, but God had other plans. Over the last two years, she’s gone through a time of preparation, during which she truly found the love of God and started looking into personal growth and how to take her relationship with Jesus to a deeper level. At the group her story began to change. Her life was already in a process of transformation in that she learned to pray fervently and to wait and trust. In the group she found people she could talk to, who would pray for her about the broken place she found herself in. She also invited many other ladies to the group and revealed to us a passion and revival that were refreshingly new for her. Slowly she started having hope that God could have an amazing man for her as she became the one for him, finding spiritual health and wholeness.

As we sat together, she told me how my story impacted her and helped her ask God for His will in her love life. She’d met a nice gentleman through a good friend of hers but never felt anything romantic for him, so they remained just friends. But he didn’t give up and pursued her until last month, when he decided he’d done enough and had to let go. During this time Karina realized she had to put this man in God’s hands, so she prayed a simple, and very sincere prayer that came from the deepest place in her heart. It was a prayer very similar to what I prayed when I was just starting to date my husband...

Never Settle