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God has given us a testimony of a marriage built on the foundation of His love and truth. Even before we started dating, we made God the top priority in our lives and chose to trust Him and hear His voice. Our marriage covenant is not just between Leon and I, it truly is between God and us. We believe that with God in the center, we are a great team! We became the one for each other as we prayed for God’s will in our dating relationship and future marriage. We choose to become the one everyday day of our lives until death do us apart.  

Leon was born in San José, California, and met Salomé in Quito, Ecuador, while on a missions trip. After a long courtship, they became husband and wife on June 30, 1990, in Ecuador, where they lived for another year and a half until Salomé could complete her degree and become an attorney. In 1991, they moved to San José, where they raised their three children: Christian, Amy, and Jessica. 

As relationship coaches, Salomé and Leon are passionate about marriage, family, and helping singles with the second most important decision in their lives- marriage. Salomé and Leon mentor single men and women to help them prepare for their future spouses and the transition into married life. 

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