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What makes our hearts soar? Preparing singles for healthy, strong, and godly marriages.

  • Vision

    Becoming the One exists to help prepare singles for marriage so they can have the union that God has designed for them. Our ultimate goal is to see a transformed society through healthy, strong, and godly marriages. 

  • Mission

    Our mission is to teach singles about loving God, preparing for married life, transition into marriage, and show married couples how the Holy Spirit can use their marriage relationship to transform the world. 


This vision is only accomplished through:

• Encountering God's love

• Knowing God's Word - Regular Bible-based study

• Vulnerability

• Prayer

• Love

• Honor

• Compassion

• Practicing spiritual gifts

• Practicing hospitality

• Wisdom

• Trust

• Experiencing laughter & fun

• Supporting the community

• Putting faith into action by serving others