Leon’s Testimony

I became a Christian in 1979 in college when I was living in the dorms. When I saw that many students get drunk every Friday and Saturday night and put their heads through three-quarter inch sheetrock, and destroy all the furniture in the dorms, I thought to myself there has got to be more to life than this. 

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Salome’s Testimony

Through my childhood and teenage years, there were many occasions when I felt close to God and was curious about spirituality. When I was about fourteen years old, a missionary came to speak at my school. He shared about his work with the lost, and my heart felt like it caught fire. I wanted to be a missionary to the world.

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Salomé Roat

Her biggest passion is loving God and letting people know about His infinite love for all of us.  She is a writer, blogger, relationship coach, stay-at-home mom, and beloved daughter of a loving and mighty Heavenly Father. 

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Janet Green

Janet’s biggest passion is saving children from poverty-stricken areas of the world and setting people free through the love of Jesus. She is founder of Watch These Kids Bloom and continues to work in the high-tech industry which she has done for the past 29 years.

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María José Martínez

María José Martínez has seen God’s mercy and grace manifested in infinite ways throughout her life. She has studies in journalism and anthropology, and a PhD in Political Communication. She’s been happily married for 20 years and has three sweet children.

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