The second most important choice

There are so many different ways to do life. There are so many choices, and so many decisions to make. Some people might think that to have a successful and happy life means to have everything they want. Some might equate a successful life with money and financial success, some with a good family and good friends, some with good health. Some people might describe a successful life with all of the above. I personally believe that the gift of life is the most wonderful  privilege that we have been given along with the freedom that we have to make the most of it. To me a successful life means to live in the freedom that Jesus has given us on the cross. The freedom to choose right or wrong, to make a few mistakes along the way because we learn so much through them. The freedom to choose Jesus as our Savior first so at the end of our journey in this earth we will know that our beloved God will embrace us the same instant we die to  live for ever with Him. Most of all to me life means the opportunity to tell God everyday how much I love Him back because He first loved me and He has made it known to me. If I want to live a life that brings joy to God,  myself and others, the choices are wide like with many things in life. Most of us without doubt want to have a successful life that will make a difference and bring blessings to our future generations. The truth is that the heart of God is for us to have a blessed life and for his goodness and mercy to follow us everyday of our life. With the privilege of life comes the ability to make good decisions and wise choices and that is the main topic that I want to focus in this blog, how to become "the one" as you find the right person to spend the rest of our life with. This is the second most important decision we will definitely make in our lifetime.