Dating and Relationships

The more I talk to people about dating or getting godly counsel on it, the more I am convinced that we need to discuss and make this topic part of our regular conversations. Marriage and dating questions don't have simple answers. Many people say that during their teenage years, they would have never heard or want to hear anything about better ways to start a relationship. This is usually the most crucial age and the time that most young people make the biggest mistakes in their lives. Can you imagine how much better off people can be if they will simply open their hearts to Godly truths and principles that were imparted to them at a young age. What would happen if a good friend of yours instead of encouraging to date, kiss and even sleep with your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you to stand firm on the belief of waiting for the right person or for you to mature and know what your values are really about so you can make good relationship choices. What if parents instead of telling you to casually date as many people as you can, emphasize strong core values like purity, and waiting for the right partner. As you become the best person you can,  you will attract the best person there  is for you as this is the will of a good Heavenly Father.