Teach Your Children Well

PrintThe words of scripture always ring true when I talk to couples about relationships. I’ve found that when couples discuss the struggles they’ve had in marriage and relationships, the biggest influence for their success and failure lies in the example of their parents. The Bible tells us that if we teach our children the way they should go, they will not depart from it. God has entrusted many of us with children. We have the responsibility to not only feed and clothe our kids, but to  teach them about God’s love and character. Teaching our children about how to have successful relationships is also part of our job as parents.  I believe that if we teach our kids at a young age that there is a mighty and loving God who is for them and not against them, our children will thrive in relationships. Having a committed relationship is central. This kind of relationship is based on knowing that marriage is an act of love in which husband and wife commit to love and honor each other before God and society for the rest of their lives, until death do you apart. At the same time, we must show our children how to be committed and how to love each other in Christ. This can only be done by example.

Many people think this sounds like a noble concept. I believe that we have a mighty God that can change our hearts and help us to reconcile absolutely anything if we allow Him to do it. Commitment takes faith and perseverance, dying to self, praying and trusting that God is in control no matter what. As Christian couples, we must draw on God’s love. Part of this process is resolving problems in front of our children and teaching our kids about forgiveness. If we disagree and fight in front of our children, we better make sure that we complete the loop and resolve conflicts in public as well.