Message to Men

ariesIt’s funny the conversations a lady can have at Jiffy Lube. No topic is off limits, not even relationships. I happened to be at Jiffy Lube for my annual oil change the other day, and I had the opportunity to talk to  two very nice gentlemen. There I was reading my book The DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley when I heard two men sharing about the women in their lives. At first, I overheard them talk about their daughters and how hard teenagers were to raise.

“Boys are much easier. Girls are hard to raise!” One man commented.

“Girls seem to always want to fight, even with their mothers,” the other man replied.

Then I saw that one of the men had a daughter. My heart melted. I was hoping this little girl didn’t hear what her father had said. I wanted to say “NO!” Women are not hard to raise. We are beautiful, delicate vessels that have an amazing inner strength. Women are wonderful in every aspect because we are made in God’s own image.

Of course, I didn’t say that. Instead, after a bit of small talk, I shared about the book I was reading and how it could help them with the women in their lives. They were surprisingly receptive. I could tell that they reman-and-woman-strugglingally wanted to have successful relationships and needed a little guidance. I told them that the best tip I could give them was to understand your spouse’s heart. It all starts with encouragement. Women want to know that you care and that you hear their hearts. Encourage the women in your lives and see what happens. God wants to bless your marriage. That’s his will.

“The best legacy you can give to your daughters is a good and healthy marriage,” I said. Saying that seemed to help these men soften just a little. I gave them the name of my blog and one of them started looking at it right away. One said jokingly that this was the first time he was able to communicate with a female. What a sense of humor!

How blessed I felt to be able to share a little of God’s heart for them, their marriages, and their children. I pray that these men would grow closer to God and his will for them as husbands and fathers.

My message to men is that you’re valuable, worthy, noble, strong, and courageous. Be sensitive when you try to understand the women in your lives. Approach women with a softness and seek to understand how your significant other feels. Affirm and encourage them. We have been created in God’s image with a sweet, loving, and gentle quality. Remember, the next time you describe your lady to your friends, describe her as she really is in God’s eyes.