Moving Forward

Have you ever wanted to go back and change a decision that you made?  Perhaps you would make a financial decision differently, or take back something you said. Most of us would love to have at least one or more do-overs. Unfortunately, life is full of moments that can’t be changed no matter how hard we try. We must all live with the decisions that we’ve made. Yet, if you’re a believer in Christ, you know that Christianity is about second chances, life changes, and renewal. Though we can’t go back and rewrite what has already taken place, we can move forward with God’s help. This is especially important to remember when it comes to marriage and relationships.Recently, I spoke with a friend who is an example of renewal and change. Though my friend had married many years ago, his marriage wasn’t established with the Lord at the center. He had a marriage license, but he wanted a second chance at establishing his marriage covenant. He made the decision to renew his marriage vows. One afternoon, with great excitement, he showed me pictures of his second, marriage ceremony and shared the words he spoke to his bride on that day. What a beautiful example of the power that God has to renew our lives and give us a second chance. God is the author of marriage, and he has given us the guidelines in scripture for marital success. If you want to renew your marriage vows before the Lord with your spouse, it is never too late.