As a woman and a wife, I feel the most intimacy in my marriage when my husband tries to understand the part of my heart that God is still touching and healing. When Leon is tender and compassionate enough to love me through the tough times, I feel the most connected to him. This to me is intimacy.The first real test of my relationship with Leon came after six years of marriage. Leon and I were thrilled with the birth of our first child, Christian, but sorrow was waiting around the corner in the form of two miscarriages. This was the hardest and most painful time in my life. I wanted to have a big family. Coming from a different country and being away from my family gave me an intense desire to have more children, but it wasn’t meant to be. In fact, I was resigned to not even try to have more children. It was during this time that Leon showed me a level of love and intimacy that still astounds me. He listened and empathized with me at my lowest point. I remember one evening when I was depressed and praying to God. I just had my period that morning and was devastated, fearing that I might never get pregnant again. That evening as I prayed and cried. Leon touched my shoulder and prayed for me and said this is not God’s will for us. Leon shared that God was going to give us more children. Leon’s confidence and prayer over me helped me to be brave. Moreover, his prayer showed me that I was cherished. Sensing Leon’s complete commitment helped me to feel connected, cherished, and able to be more vulnerable with him. I could trust my husband, which helped me to trust God more. An amazing sense of peace and contentment overcame my heart. The next morning when I woke up, my period had stopped. After a few days, I took another pregnancy test and guess what? I was pregnant. God gave us our second child seven months after that.