What is Intimacy?


Intimacy is a word that means different things to different people. Many people think of intimacy in terms of lovemaking. There's no doubt that connecting with your spouse can be a source of great satisfaction and vulnerability. Although one aspect of intimacy involves sex, it is much more than that. Another characteristic of intimacy is intellectual. When two people exchange thoughts, share ideas and enjoy similarities and differences between their opinions, their relationship becomes stronger and more intimate. In the same way, when feelings are shared between a couple, the result is more understanding of self and the other person. This too is intimacy. Another way to deepen your relationship with a person is through experiences. When a couple participates in activities together, the result is a more complete view of your spouse. Experiences shared develop intimacy. Looking for a deeper level of intimacy in a mate is a normal part of healthy relationship building. For us to experience this closeness in a relationship, we first need to experience God's love. You can't consistently demonstrate this kind of affection toward someone if you've never experienced being loved in this way. God, who knows you, who knows everything about you, loves you perfectly. That knowledge changes a person and allows them to more freely love and experience intimacy in relationships.