God's Heartbeat


When each of my children were born, we made a point of having them on my chest, close to my heart right after I delivered them. The nurse and doctors told me that this was a very important bonding experience for both of us. As a result, I did this as many times as I could in the weeks that followed. Some of my favorite times with them as babies happened when I nursed them and felt them so close to my heart.  As children grow, they continue to need physical touch, caressing, hugging, and holding. To me this represents a kind of intimacy that every human being has been designed to have in the early stages of life. God has designed something similar in our relationship with him as his children. He has made us with a spiritual need that only He can fill. God wants us so close to his heart that we can feel his heavenly heartbeat in our hearts. It is clear that God designed us to desire this connection with our spouse, but also with Himself. His heart beats for you.