God's Best


This past weekend I had to choose between two very important activities that were happening on the same day and at the same time. Guess what I chose? The wedding! Weddings are one of my favorite events in the world. I’m a hopeless romantic. Better said, I have faith that marriages will work out, especially if the couple follows the words of the greatest romantic of all times, God!God created marriage and delights in seeing couples come together. The Bible starts in the Old Testament with the Lord blessing the union of Adam and Eve. In the New Testament, Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding in Cana of Galilee, where he learned from his mother that there was no more wine for the guests. He graciously turned six stone water jars, each holding twenty or thirty gallons, into wine. What a generous wedding day gift! God’s blessings are always overflowing and more than we can ever imagine. At the end of the Bible, God completes all of history with the most wonderful event, the wedding of the Lamb. His son Jesus is the bridegroom and is committed to a pure and spotless bride, the church. How I eagerly await that glorious day!God is all about marriage and He says that the man that finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. Proverbs  18:22.One of the greatest privileges I have in life is mentoring young ladies. Through mentoring, I have crossed paths with so many different and wonderful women that are on the road to marriage. Several have married already and are learning that God’s favor is helping them to have the marriages they dreamed of. Some that haven’t married, struggle with the thought of how and where to find that special person.One in particular had to call off her wedding and break up with her fiancée. As heartbreaking as this sounds, she discovered that she wasn’t ready for marriage. She mistakenly thought that if she didn’t marry this gentleman, she would never have the chance again. She understood, through much discussion and prayer, that this wasn’t God’s best for her. As it turned out, she needed to figure out why she felt this desperation. She discovered that her heart needed a lot of healing before she ever committed to get married again. I have found that there are many lies women entertain when they think about relationships and marriage. Most times, they struggle with issues of identity and knowing how loved they are first by God, and second by their boyfriends. This is the reason why I always tell women to have God show them how much they are loved, and then I tell them to fall in love with Jesus by making the Lord their top priority. From there, the goal is to find out your true identity in Christ. When you know who you belong to, and you know that you are treasured by God, the Lord can heal your heart from lies and past hurts. Then you will be able to choose a man that will love and treasure you the way God intended. My desire for all single women is that they will know deep in their hearts how loved they are so they don’t settle for anyone that is not God’s best. My prayer is that the Lord will empower young women to find men that will treasure their hearts and love them unconditionally. They will look for men that know they belong to God and understand their identity comes from the Lord. When they find God’s best, they will find a man that has a humble heart, allows God to heal his emotional wounds, and is willing to die for his bride. Women, you are God’s beloved daughters and princesses. Trust the Lord and listen to God’s loving voice and you will gain His favor. There is no doubt that you will get to plan one of the most romantic and beautiful weddings of all times, yours!