The Story of St. Valentine: Overcoming the Fear of Marriage in Your Relationship


What does February 14 mean to you? Is it a day meant for romance, or do you like to call it Singles Awareness Day?

Some people love Valentine’s Day and some make jokes, but not all of us are familiar with the story of St. Valentine. The real St. Valentine.

According to an article by David Kithcart (published on CBN), a few years after the time of Jesus, a Roman emperor named Claudius wanted his soldiers to be “unattached.” Believing they fought better when they didn’t have to worry about their families, he passed an edict that banned the marriage of young people.

Valentine, a Roman priest, was utterly convinced of the importance of marriage—to the extent that he secretly defied the emperor’s edict and performed marriages anyway.

He was discovered, arrested, and eventually sentenced to death. But something amazing happened. The young daughter of one of his judges was blind, and when Valentine prayed for her, she received her sight. Her miraculous healing led her father to Christ.

Right before Valentine was executed, he wrote a note to this young girl and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

What Do YOU Think of Marriage?

Today many young people look at marriage and see it not as a gift from God but as a risk. They don’t want to get married. But what would it be like to live in a society where you actually couldn’t get married? Where it was illegal to marry? That would be a very different case.

In a time of religious persecution, Valentine was willing to give his life in order to follow what he believed was God’s will for couples. Marriage is a wonderful gift that God gives a couple so they can share life together. It’s a covenant in which we commit ourselves to love—love for each other and love for God. Valentine died because of his strong belief in a covenant that is capable of changing our lives, bringing us closer to God, and making us better people.

A large percentage of young people in the United States believe it’s better to do what the Romans were doing in Valentine’s time than it is to get married. Sex isn’t a big deal, right? They think you should be able to have sex with whomever you want, without worrying about the “bonds” of marriage.

But Valentine knew that was not God’s best for people. I could show you the research and present you with numerous facts about sex outside of marriage, but at the end of the day, this is the simple truth—God’s best often looks different than the world around us. There is a better way. A way that makes our hearts come alive.

If You’re Nervous About Marriage . . .

Marriage is a beautiful, intimate adventure that will help you grow closer to God and the person you love. If you’re unsure about marriage, trust what God says about it in Scripture. Ask questions of mentors you respect. Learn about marriage, about yourself, and about your future spouse. Pray for the person you want to marry one day.

Understand what it means to become the one for your future spouse. Becoming the one will help remove your marriage concerns, put you on the road to spiritual and emotional health, and teach you how to love and pray for the partner God has for you.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, look past the chocolate and all the pink things, and remember the story behind the day. It is truly a day for love, but it is also a day for miracles.


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