Becoming the One

Last week, I had the honor of planning and hosting a bridal shower for one of the ladies in my “Becoming the One” women's group. Brittney will be getting married in April of this year to a wonderful young man named Simon. I first met Brittney three years ago. She joined our group at the invitation of another young lady. On the evening Brittney joined the group, Sharon was sharing her testimony of how God brought her future husband into her life. Now Brittney is the one sharing her testimony of how God has provided a husband.Spending time with Brittney, and young women like her, has confirmed the importance of mentoring younger generations so that they can be equipped to have healthy relationships and ultimately strong marriages. God wants those of us who are married to share our lives with those considering marriage. There is such a benefit for both parties. In a time when young people are losing interest in the institution of marriage, it is exciting to be a part of a group women who are putting God first and allowing the Lord to guide them to a match made in heaven. Seeing these ladies getting closer to the heart of our Heavenly Father, and experiencing the Savior’s love and healing, is one of the greatest joys of my life. Through our time together, I’ve watched them grow in their identities, and be transformed. Now, they can be used to transform others. Brittney will be getting married in a few weeks. Her heart of love for God, her future husband, and others is so evident. Her honesty and transparency has blessed everyone  in our group. Her joy and desire to learn about relationships will not only help her marriage succeed, but will help Brittney make a big impact in this world. Brittney and Simon will be abundantly blessed by the love of our Heavenly Father. God's favor rests on this couple, and the prayers of her “Becoming the One” sisters will always be with them. This is what Brittney had to say. “I joined this group during a time when I really needed spiritual guidance. This group felt like a covering from God, while the Lord was healing me. Through this group, I've felt my heart get closer to God in ways that it had not before. I don’t see this group as a ticket out of singleness, but rather as an opportunity to get closer to God and be open and ready for whatever God has in store for my life. Whether God is leading you to go on a mission's trip, or you are looking for guidance in your relationships, this group is a safe place. The women of this group encouraged me in my relationship with God. This group feeds my soul and reminds me of the richness that comes from having a genuine intimate relationship with God. Our group isn’t only about finding your spouse. Really, it’s about finding yourself and discovering who you are in Christ. Once you establish this, you're on the road to have a successful marriage."