Gracias to Everyone Who Helped with the Book Launch in Ecuador

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I visited my beautiful hometown of Quito, Ecuador. 

Each visit is special to me particularly because I get to see my relatives and friends. My heart feels like it expands every time we pull up to the house where I was raised. Sharing unforgettable memories with both “parts” of my family—those born in Ecuador and those born in the United States—is priceless. 

Watching my parents age from a distance isn’t easy, and it is good for my heart to spend time with them, helping and loving them in practical ways, even if it’s just for a few weeks.

On this trip, in addition to spending a lot of time with my wonderful family, I had the privilege of launching the Spanish version of my book, LLegando a Ser Uno (Becoming the One). I am passionate about the becoming-the-one message because it has the power to change marriages. 

And as marriages change, society changes. 

Transforming Society Through Marriage

People are thirsty for the message that marriage actually can be what our heavenly Father wants it to be: a lifelong covenant of love that works and endures. Transformed marriages are like mirrors that shine out to the world what God really looks like. 

Even in a time of singleness, a person can become the one for their future spouse, so that one day they and their marriage partner can walk in blessing, and their marriage will be filled with the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

We know that every seed we plant will bear much fruit, because that is the intention of our faithful heavenly Father. So this message of hope for marriage will grow. Through Jesus, who restored us to right relationship with God, we will be able to go out and transform society—through our marriages.

You can step up and join this transforming force as you become the one with your spouse or, if you are single right now, for your future spouse. Click here to learn more.

Thank You

My most sincere thanks to my beautiful family who supported me so wonderfully during the launch and at all the presentations in different churches.   

Thanks to Iglesia Verbo, Iglesia Alianza República, and Iglesia Alianza La Luz. Seeing the hand of our faithful and good God touching the lives of many people through the becoming-the-one message was a great blessing for Leon and me.

Finally, I also wanted to thank Verónica Escalante, Sebastián Campaña, and the amazing BTO team in Ecuador who supported us with their dedication, prayers, and faithful work.

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