Gus and Vanessa Aldaco: A Pleasant Sacrifice

Gus and Vanessa Aldaco met in high school. Gus immediately knew she was the one and kept pursuing her until Vanessa finally agreed to go out with him. Their relationship quickly solidified, and within two years, they got married at eighteen and had a son soon afterward.

In the first years of their marriage, they faced many battles. They continued to push through, and Vanessa successfully earned her degree in behavioral science while Gus worked hard at many different jobs until God blessed him with a higher-paying position. 

God has blessed this couple the last nineteen years of marriage together. Rather than moving away from each other in the face of conflict, they have chosen to grow as one.

Gus and Vanessa elaborate on how Becoming the One has taught them to live a life of pleasant sacrifice. They had to understand the meaning of their biblical roles as husband and wife in order to grow in spiritual, as well as emotional, intimacy with one another. The more they chose to live a life of agreement, the more their marriage began to be grounded on a strong, firm foundation. The more they have worked together, the more they have lived in a blessed covering as they became one.

Today, Gus and Vanessa are enjoying life in ministry with their three kids: Uriah, Unity, and Katana. Gus’s prophetic words, Vanessa’s anointed prayers, and their kids’ hearts of worship have touched and inspired many lives.