Praying for Your Future Husband

Photo by Scott Webb

Photo by Scott Webb

When it comes to matters of the heart, never underestimate the power of prayer.  

A friend of mine wanted to find her husband—she felt it was time. During one of our Bible study meetings, she prayed a simple prayer from the deepest part of her heart: “I need a husband, Lord. Please send me one.”

A few weeks later, she started to date a young man she quickly fell in love with. But as she got to know him better, she realized he didn’t truly know God and had no desire at all to submit his life to Him. 

My friend felt God saying, “Don’t marry him until he really commits his life to Me.” Even though this was incredibly difficult for her, she obeyed and broke off the relationship. 

In this place of having to wait, my friend surrendered this young man to the Lord. This essentially means she “set him” in the hands of God through prayer—and it changed his life forever.  

One afternoon while walking near a church, this man’s heart was stirred to go inside. He entered the church, encountered God’s love, and gave his life to Jesus. He and my friend have been married for many years now. 

Prayer is more than just a good idea when life is tough. Our heavenly Father has the ability to change the world around us, and He wants us to co-labor with Him, which means that we get to work side by side with Him to see godly things happen on the planet. 

One way we can co-labor with God is by taking our requests and concerns to Him even before they’re “ready”—that is, before we see anything happening. Whether you’re single, dating seriously, or married, you can pray for your husband today and have an impact on his life. 

Here are a few prayer points to help guide you.

Pray That Your Husband Discovers His True Identity

The enemy wants to damage men so they won’t be able to rise up and be the victorious champions God has called them to be. The enemy isn’t dumb—he doesn’t focus his attack on the “small” aspects of a man’s character. No, he attacks the most important aspect: that man’s identity, which is the core of who he is.

As wives or future wives, we need our husbands to know their true identity as mighty men of God. That, I believe, is the main thing He is after with men—for them to know what it means to be sons of God, mighty in His power and love.

Here is a prayer you can pray concerning this topic: 

Heavenly Father, I pray for my husband, that he would come to know what You know about him. May he begin to see himself with Your eyes. Please teach him to go to You whenever he’s struggling with fears or tough questions, so he can really begin to understand the truth about who he is. I set my husband in Your hands, specifically in this area of identity. 

Pray That Your Husband Understands He Belongs to God

Jesus said He was one with the Father. When one of His disciples wanted to see the Father, Jesus essentially replied, “Hey, I’m here—if you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.” (See John 14:9.)

This is the kind of relationship God wants to have with men: for them to be one with the Father, to truly understand that they belong to God. Your husband isn’t on his own as he tries to figure out his life—he can be one with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

It’s a long journey to understanding the truth and depth of belonging to God. Keep in mind that it can look like different things with different men, but the result is always the same: a man who loves well

Here is a prayer you can pray concerning this topic: 

Father, I pray that my husband would discover what it means to be a son of God and that he would deeply know the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life. When Jesus was on earth, He learned to let the Spirit’s love, power, and kindness lead Him, and I ask that my husband would have that kind of relationship with You as well. I pray he would learn to be like Jesus and continually seek the Holy Spirit to teach him all these things about the Father. I set my husband in Your hands, specifically in this area of belonging to God. 

Pray That Your Husband Learns How to Express Himself Emotionally

Many men have been taught to stuff their emotions, and so it can be amazingly difficult for them to express the deep matters of their hearts—those hopes, desires, wishes, and dreams that exist in the core of who they are. 

Leon and I have seen this over and over again in many of the relationships around us—in our extended family, friends, people we mentor, husbands with their wives and how they behave in married life. Often men aren’t able to express what’s going on inside them.

God is teaching men to communicate their hearts. This begins with Him; first they learn to trust Him as their heavenly Father through Jesus. This means building a relationship with Him where they can just pour absolutely everything in their hearts into God’s heart and know it will be safe with Him. Then from this place of safety, they can turn and begin to open up with other people.  

Here is a prayer you can pray concerning this topic: 

Father, I ask that You would teach my husband how safe he is with You. May he really come to know and understand that he can pour out his heart to You. Teach him how to be open with his emotions and not stuff anything that should be shared with me or with other people. Please go deep with him and teach him through Your Holy Spirit how to have a beautiful kind of conversation with You—where he can sit in Your presence and be healed, even in the deepest places of his heart. I set my husband in Your hands, specifically in this area of emotional freedom.

The Lord wants to teach men how to trust Him and converse with Him. I believe He is bringing His people—both men and women—into this kind of deep prayer life with Him, where we are completely, fully restored in His presence. 

Even if you don’t know him yet, you get to play a powerful role in your husband’s life right now. You get to pray for him.


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