The Choice Is Up to You


My good friend “Mary” found a marriage partner not once, not twice, but three times. With each of these men, she went to the Lord and asked if the marriage was His will.

The first time she felt Him answer, “Don’t do it!” But she questioned whether or not that was His direction and married the man anyway. Not only was the marriage devastating for her, but it also mortified the people around her and the church where she was a member.

After their divorce she met another man, and when she asked God about marrying him, she again felt like God was saying, “No.” Again she doubted. She didn’t know the man very well, and after marrying him she discovered he was unmotivated and just didn’t feel like working. She ended up being the one who maintained their home in every possible sense. She continued with him for as long as she could—until her father finally told her to do something before her marriage killed her.

Finally, during a time of singleness, my friend Mary met a very special man. She asked the Lord if this was His perfect will for her, and this time she felt like He said, “Yes.” An overwhelming peace surrounded her, and she knew this time was different and that trusting in God changed everything. She is happily married to this day.

You Have a Choice

God in His great love has given you the ability to choose. That is His gift to you. Yes, there may be many choices for a spouse, but God knows who the best person is for you. He will tell you when to take action, and He will lead you just as He led my husband and me. We grew up on different continents and spoke different languages, but God still led us to one another.

You’re reading this article because you are interested in marriage. You want to find the one who will adore you for the rest of your days—and God wants the same thing. Your heavenly Father has a great plan for you in this area of your life. Choose to trust His guidance.

Believe God’s Love for You

In the realm of relationships and marriage, it is pretty easy to start entertaining lies about ourselves. I’ve found this is especially true for women. We often struggle with issues of identity and accepting love, and we tell ourselves we aren’t loveable or worthwhile. This can lead to negative relationships with men and settling for the wrong man.

What is the solution? We need to accept the unconditional love God offers us, fall in love with Him, and discover our value as His children.

When you know you belong to God and He treasures you, the Lord can heal your heart from lies and past hurts. Then in this newfound freedom, you will be able to choose a person who will love and prize you the way God intended.



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