A Few Thoughts on Masturbation


A guest post by Judd Palmer, author of Ask Her Out

As you may already know, there isn’t a single verse in Scripture that says masturbation is a sin. In fact, the Bible doesn’t talk about it at all.

Unfortunately, many people use shame in an attempt to curb the younger generation’s sexual urges. It’s like they think that shame actually has the power to help people.

Benefits of Choosing Wisdom

Personally I am not for masturbation, but it isn’t because I grew up hearing from all the adults that it’s a sin, wrong, or a shameful act. I say no to it because it robs me of being a powerful person.

“All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. (1 Cor. 10:23 ESV)

Masturbation takes away intimacy with actual people and keeps me from facing my pain, anxiety, and loneliness. It merely numbs these things instead. I have a clearer mind, stronger conviction in my life, and many other positives because I choose not to masturbate.

What are the benefits of staying “sober”? Having real emotions, better connection with yourself, more confidence, and more joy. You will feel stronger as a person, not weaker.

A big benefit of not masturbating is more confidence in dealing with conflicts and stress. The thing you want to do to relieve stress (masturbate) actually creates more stress because you won’t be as confident or have as strong a conviction for what you think or want to say.

Choosing to Be Real

Masturbation is often used to numb pain. By not masturbating, you will be able to process the pain better and get over it more quickly.

Also, you will feel real because you are living in reality with real people, and you’ll experience real emotions based on real things. You’ll feel better because each day that you don’t masturbate, you become stronger by resisting.

And then, my friend, your desire to masturbate will begin to decline, and your brain will want to do healthy activities that make you feel good. You’ll want to do more adventurous things and be more creative, funny, relaxed, and bold. You will be freer to share what’s on your mind.

Choosing Peace

I like to be happy, and masturbation actually causes me to lose peace. So then I try to be happy to cover up the fact that I’m feeling lame; I fake smile and pretend I’m doing great. Again, I don’t do this to cover up shame—just my feelings of being lame.

But isn’t that lame by itself? It would be better for me to go get real peace and joy instead.

Many men think that masturbating has no ill effects on them. However, if you try going without, you’ll see the improvements. Living in reality is always more healthy.

Where Masturbation Leads

Masturbation leads to selfishness. It leads to seeing ourselves as sexual beings more than spiritual beings.

It also limits further intimacy with God. By trusting God with our raging sexual desires and not masturbating, we are giving our loving Father opportunity to bring breakthrough in our lives.

What does breakthrough look like? It makes us stronger, like I said—but it also makes room for healing. Potentially greater healing than anything we’ve experienced so far.

Masturbation is like living with hearing loss for years, but when you finally get hearing aids—that is, when you choose not to masturbate—your life noticeably changes! You don’t realize what you’ve been missing out on until you can hear better.

Judd Palmer is the author of Ask Her Out: Pursuing Freedom, Manhood, and Women. Visit his website at askheroutthebook.com for more information.

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