The Spouse Wish List


Do you think God really wants to give you the desires of your heart? Why or why not? 

Before I met my husband, I had several things on my “husband wish list.” I wanted to find a certain kind of man, and I shared these longings with the Lord.

For example, I wanted someone who played an instrument, and Leon plays the guitar and loves worshipping God. I had a special love for children, and the night I met my husband, a couple of kids were following him around. I later discovered we had similar hearts where children were concerned.

My dad was an economist, and I really wanted to find a smart man who knew how to deal with money. Leon is gifted with numbers and is a financial advisor. I also wanted someone who would love my family, and Leon adores them. And this wasn’t actually on my list, but I consider it an “extra”—I enjoy playing basketball and so does Leon. Sometimes we play together or with the kids, and we love watching our favorite NBA team.

God surprised me with so many details of what my heart wanted.


What’s on Your Wish List?

What are you praying for concerning your future spouse? Do you want this person to be interested in the things of God and passionate about children? Do you want them to be smart, wise, cute, kind, respectful, nurturing, sporty?

What core values should they have? What needs to be important to them, because it’s important to you?

Sit down with God and have a conversation about your future spouse. Your heart is gold to Him, and He won’t disappoint you (Romans 5:5).

God has excellent plans and purposes for your life. As you pour out your heart to Him, you can ask Him to make your deepest desires known to you and to confirm His will for you.


Your Desires Are Important to God

You and I serve a big God who loves us and is sensitive to our hearts. As we delight in Him, He gives us the things that matter most (Psalm 37:4). God is a good Father, and when we pray, He listens.

The Lord is invested in your marriage—even right now, when it hasn’t occurred yet. 

Salomé RoatComment