Are You Anxious About Being Single?


Singleness and anxiety. Do you feel like those two words go together?

Perhaps you’re getting to be a certain age and are hoping for children. Maybe all your friends are in serious relationships, and you’re starting to feel the pressure. Do any of the following questions sound familiar?

·      What’s wrong with me?

·      Why am I still single?

·      Am I not smart enough?

·      Am I not attractive enough?

·      Am I not spiritual enough?

·      What am I doing wrong?

If you find yourself asking these questions, it is good to pause, take a step back, and try to recognize WHY you’re asking them. They are taking you away from your peace—so what is the root behind them?

With few exceptions, all of us long to have someone in our lives who loves us, takes care of us, and is our partner in a sweet, romantic relationship. God created us for relationship and to go through a process of growing in love and finding someone our hearts are going to trust. It is good to think about marriage and how it will last forever. It is also good to consider the possibility that maybe certain things need to change in our lives so when we do meet that special person, we are ready for them.

But most of the time when we’re feeling anxious and under pressure, it is because of one simple, little reason: We have forgotten that God has a plan.

All of us have something we’re still waiting for that seems like it isn’t coming to pass. All of us know what that feels like. The answer to our fear is trust in God and the understanding that He really is in control.

When I look at the love story I share with my husband, I have proof that God has a plan. If He moved in my life, I know He will move in yours, too. It really is that simple.


Salomé RoatComment