Why Marriage Is a Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

Photo by Juliana Kozoski

Photo by Juliana Kozoski

A lot of Christians have a fairly incomplete view of marriage and don’t realize it. 

Some see marriage as the mark of being an adult. “I have my college degree and a job I like, so I guess the next step is settling down and having a family. I should probably get married.”

Some think of marriage as a special ceremony that makes living together “legal” in the eyes of God, their parents, and the nation.

And some are diligent rule keepers who have been “good” their whole lives. They know they shouldn’t have sex outside of marriage, so marriage is like a permission slip that allows them to finally experience sex without feeling guilty about it.

But here’s why none of those ideas is truly able to capture what marriage is:

We tend to think that marriage is an earthly thing, something created by humans, but that is not true. It is actually a creation of God—something powerful, holy, and capable of shifting the world.

Your Marriage = Hope in a Dark World

The primary purpose of marriage is to bring the Lord glory (Is. 43:7). This means marriage is a sacred union and a fierce act of worship that honors His heart and shines the light of Christ in a dark, hurting world.

Practically speaking, how can marriage be worship? 

Your Marriage = Invitation to More of God

God desires your heart. You are precious to Him, and He wants to teach your heart to choose Him in every situation, including your marriage. So marriage can be an avenue to a deeper relationship with your heavenly Father, who is right here and waiting to help you and your spouse succeed.

As we look to God to guide us in marriage, no longer does He seem like a distant, faraway entity we cannot sense or see. Instead, He becomes an active part of daily life. He is our center and the love that glues us together with our spouse.  

If we invite the Holy Spirit into our marriage, not only do we get to experience His many benefits, but we also glorify God on the earth (Is. 42:10–12).  

It’s possible for marriage to become a holy, power-filled point of light that the Lord can use to bring positive change to the rest of our family and even our community.

If we want to see marriage through God’s eyes, we can no longer think of it as just a good idea, a rule, or a wholesome standard. We get to see it as worship and step into it without fear, anticipating the nearness of our heavenly Father and all the beautiful things He is just about to do.

What Do You Think?

1. Which point in this article stands out to you the most? Why?

2. If you could accomplish anything with your life, what would it be? (Don’t be afraid to write down things that seem impossible right now.)  

3. Sit down with God and ask Him how He wants to use your marriage to impact the people around you. Does His answer surprise you at all?  

4. Write down your expectations for the future—and say only good things. Do not allow any negative expectations into your thinking.


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